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Kate’s Story: From Inpatient to Impossible Dream

Curious about how Shine Lawyers can help you get back to you? After a painful injury, Kate’s life was turned upside-down. But with a little help from Justin Bieber, Shine Lawyers helped turn her ordeal into a story of recovery and triumph.

Warm, bubbly and curious, Kate had always been a social butterfly and a natural leader. While studying at university she worked part-time in a restaurant. Her energy and skills led to her becoming area manager and leading her own team of junior staff. In between studying business and event management she had a number of interesting hobbies including managing a Justin Bieber fan group with more than 400 members.

A life-changing misjudgement

In 2013, Kate was taking a road trip with two friends. She was sitting in the backseat when the driver attempted to overtake the vehicle in front, misjudged the timing and had to suddenly veer to the right to avoid a collision. The car crashed through a roadside barrier and into a tree, leaving Kate with serious injuries.

A young life on hold

Kate spent four weeks in hospital with spine, rib and shoulder fractures as well as kidney and liver damage. She had to wear a back brace for four weeks and had to return to hospital weekly for almost a year after the accident. On top of all of that, she also had to miss her opportunity to meet her hero Justin Bieber on his 2013 tour. Kate’s life was put on hold for almost two years after the accident. She suffered from recurring nightmares about the crash. Her inability to sit for long periods forced her to defer her studies and many of her old hobbies became impossible.

Kate’s road to recovery

Unsure of the legal process and where to begin, Kate reached out to Shine Lawyers to help her claim compensation. Kate says that Shine worked hard to make sure she received all that she was entitled to and get her life back on track. Four years on from the accident, Kate remarked that she finally felt like her old self again.

It pays to be a “Belieber” in yourself

Kate’s team of passionate “Beliebers” campaigned on her behalf, and soon enough the Canadian artist became aware of her plight. He chauffeured her to a private concert, serenaded her and topped it off with a kiss on the cheek.

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: October 4, 2018.

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