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Erin Brockovich in Australia

Our Ambassador, Erin Brockovich, is back on Australian soil from 12th February to 20th February liaising on a number of important areas surrounding the business.

Erin enjoys spending time in Australia with Shine Lawyers and working to make things right for everyday Australians. She works tirelessly to break down barriers that exist within the legal system and rails against injustice wherever and whenever it occurs.

As part of her trip, Erin is available exclusively to answer any questions you may have through twitter using the hashtag #AskErin. If you have any questions for Erin – please send them through!

As part of her trip around the country she will be guest speaking at a number of key events as listed below:


Morning Tea with Erin Brockovich – Melbourne, Victoria – 13th February

Australasian Meat Industry Employment Union (AMIEU) BBQ – Toowoomba region, Queensland – 16th February

CSG Insights with Erin Brockovich – Dalby, Queensland – 17th February

Click to view images related to the CSG insights with Erin Brockovich event

Wickham Securities Class Action Forum – Brisbane, Queensland – 18th February

Environmental event at The Veggie Garden – Sunshine Coast, Queensland – 20th February


Click for more information about Erin and her trip down under.

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: February 11, 2014.

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