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CSG News - Shine Lawyers helps to clear the mist for landholders

Shine Lawyers revealed the tactics used by Coal Seam Gas (CSG) companies to compel landholders to sign unfair land access agreements on Wednesday 4th December as part of an information session hosted in Wandoan.

Shine Lawyers’ team of CSG law experts have represented more than 500 landholders affected by CSG developments in the region and have exposed the tricks commonly used by gas companies to side-step landholder rights and compensation entitlements.

Shine Lawyers Legal Principal Peter Shannon presented at the session and said the firm’s experience representing rural landholders will help educate and empower landholders of Wandoan and surrounding regions to obtain their full entitlements.

“We want to ensure that CSG-affected landholders understand their legal rights and have access to the information they need to make informed decisions,” Mr Shannon said.

“The law is weighted against landholders in several ways and it is extremely difficult for landholders to deal with this alone.

“It’s important that landholders have assistance clarifying and negotiating with the industry to insure they don’t receive the short end of the stick.”

Top 5 tactics used by CSG companies:

  1. Broadly describe the activity – avoid divulging full details of an activity with the landholder
  2. Rush the landholder – give the impression that a contract or agreement needs to be signed quickly
  3. Say the neighbour has signed – make the landholder feel that their questions and concerns are unreasonable because “everyone else” is signing 
  4. Charismatic Landholder Liaison Officers – appoint and train individuals who the landholder will trust and feel safe in signing an agreement with
  5. Threaten the landholder – suggest that you have certain land access rights and threaten to take the landholder to the relevant tribunal.
Shine Lawyers are experts in coal seam gas contracts and legislation. If you have been approached by a coal seam gas company wanting to carry out activity on your land, its important you know your rights. Contact Shine Lawyers today.

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: December 4, 2013.

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