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Shine clients share harrowing accounts with Senate Inquiry into mesh

Outside a courtroom | Shine Lawyers

Shine Lawyers‘ courageous Johnson & Johnson class action group members have spoken to the Senate in Sydney about the painful and life altering complications they have experienced since first receiving a Johnson & Johnson pelvic floor repair system.

One of the greatest medical scandals

Up to 8,000 women are thought to have suffered, and continue to suffer, after receiving one or more of the devices, which are used to treat common problems following child birth. The devices are now the subject of a Senate Inquiry, spearheaded by Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch who describes the mesh as “one of the greatest medical scandals and abusers of mothers in Australian history.”

Shine Lawyers‘ client Gai Thompson received her mesh implant in 2008, and has since suffered life-changing complications. Mrs Thompson and dozens of other women made emotional submissions to the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee.

“I’ve been praying for nine years that this would come to light and that there would be accountability for what has happened to us. We are sharing our stories to help ensure that no other woman ever has to have their health and lives destroyed by this mesh,” explains Mrs Thompson.

About the Johnson & Johnson Class Action

Shine Lawyers’ class actions team is representing Mrs Thompson and 800 other women in one of the country’s largest product liability cases. The matter is currently being run in the Federal Court of Sydney against Johnson & Johnson for its vaginal mesh implants. The team is also investigating similar action for a further 400 Australian women implanted with mesh devices manufactured by American Medical Systems.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a Johnson & Johnson implant and would like more information, get in touch with Shine Lawyers’ class action team today.

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Written by Shine Lawyers on . Last modified: March 14, 2018.

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  • Pam Connell wrote:

    I know a man who had a procedure to repair a hernia using mesh and now has debilitating health problems. Could this inquiry be expanded?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Pam, thanks for your enquiry. That might be something our expert team could investigate, if you wanted to pass on the contact details for our New Client Team to your friend. They will be able to gather more details, talk through the services we offer and let him know if we can help. Contact details are here:

  • Fiona Ford wrote:

    As I said at the Senate, this must be viewed as a national disaster and as such the same protocols of identify, contain and eliminate must be followed. The Australian govt must be held accountable given tje TGA is an Australian regulatory agency.

  • Ginni Ross wrote:

    Hi. Couple of queries please. I have had ongoing abdomen issues for years. How can I find out if the mesh was put in me (hyster plus bladder plus anal rectification op in 2005 approx). Specialist now retired. How do I find out if this mesh could be cause of my issues?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Ginni, thanks for your enquiry and sorry to hear about your experience. Could you please private message our Facebook page with your best contact number and I will organise for one of our mesh experts to contact you.

  • Sharyn wrote:

    After a hernia operation in March 2017 my body is still not rid of the effects the Mesh created in my body. Bacterial and since that time now have just had my 4th operation! My body smells and feels like I am rotting from inside out…..continuous visits to doctors, district nurses, surgeons etc. I am so over it!

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