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Case Study: Coal Seam Gas in Australia

For more than a century, Rod and Linda’s Dalby property has remained in the Steinohrt family. The couple have called the property home for almost a third of this time.

The Steinohrts were first approached in 2007 by QGC who put the first well on their property. Initially, they sought legal help through Legal Aid, where they were introduced to Shine’s own Glen Martin. Glen assisted the Steinohrts with the negotiation of a further four wells. After legal aid was no longer able to offer CSG and Mining legal services, the Steinohrts followed Glen to Shannon Donaldson which would soon become Shine Lawyers Energy Law Team.

Glen and the Shine team have assisted Rod and Linda throughout the negotiation of all agreements and have supported them through the experience of having CSG activities on their property, including managing hurdles such as weed introduction.

Rod and Linda say their lives have completely changed with the introduction of wells onto their property but they feel confident in Shine’s ability to stand by their side and ensure a good outcome for them and their family.

When should you talk to a lawyer about CSG on your property?

It doesn’t matter if you think the interest in your land from energy companies is an opportunity or a threat, it’s still very important to be aware of your rights.

It's always best to speak to a lawyer if:

  • You have received a notice from a CSG company stating that it plans to enter your property and carry out tests to start with.
  • You have been notified additional testing (after the initial tests) is about to be carried out on your land.
  • You have been notified from a CSG company stating they want to open negotiations with you to compensate you for your land, as it intends to open a gas field on it.

How much does it cost to make a CSG claim?

Any legal costs associated with negotiating your agreement will be included in your compensation claim. What this means is the CSG company will pay for any costs associated with engaging a lawyer. The costs will be determined by the amount of work required to prepare your agreement and whether you will require further advice regarding future CSG activities on your property. We’ll be happy to go through this in more detail when we sit down with you.

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: September 7, 2017.

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